How to use our vehicle inspection kit

The 3000-PERF kit comes in english and is a 2-in-1 automotive inspection kit. This kit is dual use... Full Service or Fluids only. The kit comes with one panel ready (if needed) to be removed (perforated). The kit then becomes a smaller kit (fluids only) for those times when a full service kit is not needed. This is a great way to show the customers the condition of their vehicles.

Our test strips work with Motor Oil, Transmission Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Gear Lube, Antifreeze Coolant and Brake fluid. The kits covers Tires, Simple Brake Inspection, Battery test, and Fuel Injection. This kit would not be complete without an Under Hood and Under Chassis inspection area. It also includes a Notes section for other things that may come up which are needed for the vehicle, ie: Tune Up.

Shops that use our kits do not run the risk of selling fluid testing by color like other methods (test paper). Our test strips give you instant results. This will help raise ticket averages and builds customer retention. Consumers love this because it is the only way they can see scientific results for services that may be needed. Shop owners have big smiles on their face sense they are getting an average of $70 ROI on this full service 2-in-1 kit.

The vehicle owner's manual recommends changing fluids based on miles driven or the duration between changes for normal or severe driving conditions. The kits have an area where the service writer can fill in the time/mileage. The kits follow the recommended vehicle manufacturer's maintenance guidelines for our recommendations and are MAP approved.

Antifreeze Test Strip - Test strip comes in a foil pack and is attached to the kit. The best way is to not remove the entire foil pack. Grab the foil pack at the top area about one inch from the right side. Rip the foil and pull away revealing the test strip. Remove the test strip for testing. After testing, place the strip back into the foil pack. You are now ready to show the customer when needed.

Brake Fluid Test Strip - Remove test strip from kit leaving the small round sticker attached to the strip. Dip the test strip in the fluid and then place test strip back on kit using round sticker.

Wear Metals Test Strip (Oil, Transmission, Power Steering, Gear Lube) - Remove test strip from kit leaving the small round sticker attached to the center of the test strip. Dip the test strip in the fluid or drop fluid on the end of the test strip. There is a black line on one end of the test strip to help you remember which end you are testing, ie: The end with the line is used for power steering fluid or which ever. After testing two different fluids, place test strip back on kit using round sticker.

Battery Area Sticker - Remove cover label to battery sticker area. After using your battery tester, place the paper printout onto the kit. This way you will not be looking for it when showing to the customer.

Fuel Injection Area - Twist swab back and forth freeing up swab from sticker. Slide swab out of clear sticker leaving a small tunnel area. After swabbing throttle body area, place swab back into the tunnel you created by twisting out the swab. It is normal if the tip of the swab gets sooty. If the tip of the swab gets wet and snotty, fuel injection cleaning is recommended.

Under Hood and Under Vehicle - The Under Hood and Under Vehicle panel is easily understood, just check off the appropriate inspections.

Brake Pad Inspection - This is a quick Brake Pad inspection. Use your simple brake inspection gauge tool. If this brake lining thickness gauge indicates wear, then a much more in-depth inspection is needed using your normal brake inspection form.

Tire Inspection - The kit is complete with a Tread Wear Key and also has a Tire Condition area if needed to explain to the customer.

We are the only company in the industry that has created any kit like this. Over 12 years ago we created the first full service kit, and today they are still making these kits for companies all over the world. We are the leader in automotive inspection kits. If you have seen one in the marketplace, we made it!