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- Glen from North Carolina

"I like that these inspection kits take so little time to complete and how easy they are to understand. I couldn't ask for anymore. This is the most beneficial product in our shop. Thank you for everything!"

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"I learned how to read your fluid test strips and they work great. I really liked this MUCH better than the old method of testing on blotter test paper"

- Garrett from California

"These inspection kits are great. We use the 3000 kit and I like that it has everything inside the kit. I used to use other kits that were not complete and infact did not cover all the test like coolant etc. I am so glad we came across your product. Keep up the great work"

- Aaron from California

"After only one week I was hooked. We raised our ticket average and our ROI is around $60.00 per kit. Got to love that. I think this product is a great service to the industry and we applauded you for your dedication to helping the technicians in the world."

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The Industry Leader
in Vehicle Fluid Testing

Our technology is designed for all fluids that meet or exceed OE Manufacturer's. The tests are compliant with ASTM, MAP, SAE standards, and provide the equivalent of a Level 1 laboratory analysis for the service provider and owner. These simple yet effective test strips help interact with customers an lend a straight forward method of actual fluid conditions. They work hand in hand with the manufacturer’s time/mileage recommendations. Thousands of service shops utilized our products and our 2 in 1 kit full service kit is getting a $70 ROI